The activities of the has been terminated by the Civil Court of First Instance of İstanbul due to final judgement of file number 2015/1174 which has been filed by the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and it has decided to push a notification to the Information Technologies Instution of Turkey.

The web reservation portals and alikes are demanded by the needs of the users alongside with the technology and their market share is growing fast. It is very clear that by the growing rate of the internet, reservations will be made through those portals. It is wrong that judging as a travel agent. Lots of small-scale hotels and other companies which doesn’t have budget for advertising and active-sales force are gaining a lot thourgh those portals. All of they done is directing the costumer to hotel to make their reservation and getting their service fee as a commission. The same way of marketing can also be done by the hotel’s own website. If that is the case, hotels can be evaluated as a tourism agency.

With the Age of Internet, banning it is not an option. The path must go through the competition and being better. NGO’s must provide this rivalry attitude to its members.

Even if there is a problem about taxing, some editing could be made about the related direvtives and laws.

A lot of company and hotel will suffer from this judgement. As the Association of Hotel Managers and Investors of Kuşadası we will file a request of appeal.


With respect,

Tacettin Özden

Chairman of Board of Directors


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